yamaha hs80m vs hs8

Both models are the same size at 16 inches long, 14 inches wide and 21 inches in height. They aren’t overrated at all. The Yamaha HS5 vs HS8 showdown will show what each speaker has to offer. OzzyRadar. Hs series power subwoofer (20 pages) Speakers Yamaha HS8 Owner's Manual . This is as unpaid as a review gets, by the way Simply put, the Yamahas are better. If you have a medium sized room, go with the HS7. It will give you a good, clean digital to analog conversion, and will power the monitors with relative ease. This is because the devices provide an honest representation of the audio frequencies. But I’d recommend you read the whole article. The Yamaha HS series monitors are visually similar to the classic Yamaha NS10s but with a build more specific for studio monitoring. More on that in a bit! Also, the manufacturer has improved it in terms of sound level. Would love to hear your recommendations on similarly priced speakers. The HS80M weighs about 25 lbs (11.3 kg), while the HS8 is about 23.5 lbs (10.5 kg). While the JBL LSR308 tops off at 24 kHz, the Yamaha HS8 is able to provide frequency response to a max value of 30 kHz. Yamaha HS8 and HS80M Comparison - YouTube Also keep in mind that the freq/eq switches/controls on the back were all set flat. Price: $549.99 RRP. Let’s dive into the details and see which one fits your needs…. Yamaha MSP7 STUDIO. Yamaha HS8 Shop now at Amazon. M-Audio BX8a vs Yamaha HS80m. So, If you want crystal clear sound, you’d better not put them close to the wall. It could literally point out a blemish on your face from 5 miles away. Yamaha HS8 vs Yamaha HS8I. Now without further ado, let’s get rolling!! So, you’ll have a loud and clear sound without needing a separate amplification. Very smooth, UN-exaggerated bass response. The Yamaha HS80M and HS8 speakers look almost identical, and they’re both made of dense, sturdy MDF. If your mix sounds good on the HS80M’s, it will sound good on anything. They're all good. They also will rekindle your desire to listen to old records, which should be a requirement for any true reference monitor in my opinion. They're finally on sale at my music store ($100 off), so I was tempted to get them. These guys at Yamaha made the Ns-10's for crying out loud. Rokit 8 vs HS8. HS5. He says the HS8’s have a round, warmer, and more calibrated bass and the highs aren’t as “spicy.” The mid-range is basically the same. But I’d recommend you read the whole article. Your email address will not be published. The level control, the input connectors (XLR and TRS), the bass port, and radiator are the same. The bass is very revealing, and the amount will actually depend on how you mix. Nov 19, 2010. inimaxedwards. My studio is a 13x13 carpeted bedroom and I understand the logic of not putting big speakers in small rooms. 425892. £50.00 postage. For this article since the monitors are pretty similar, I will outline the HS80M’s and then compare them to the HS8’s. After reading the plethora of comparison threads available on basically any music production forum, I was under the impression that these two were relatively similar in terms of output quality. The smaller 7 inch woofer vs the yamaha's 8 inch woofer concerns me. The HS80M and HS8 are bi-amped systems, meaning there’s an individual amp for the tweeter (LF) and another for the core woofer (HF). In his spare time, he likes to fish, paint, play guitar, pray, rap, make beats, take photos, record videos, graphic design, and more. If you just want to jump to the conclusion, click here. After reading all the amazon reviews, I have heard them endorsed the following: An audio interface is highly recommended with these. Recordings come out as they were meant to be heard. Monitor speakers are designed to offer unmatched sound quality with near-perfect accuracy and are used by professionals in the music industry. Yamaha HS8. As a true entry level with 5″ woofers but extremely powerful sound, these babies are absolutely phenomenal, and all the hype you may or may not have read about is real. SKU. The figure of 90% was used a few times, which I thought was interesting. Yamaha HS-5 Speakers - Limited Edition Matched Pair of Active Studio Monitors. You will still likely need some Acoustic Sound Treatment, but they have 6.5″ woofers and are a bit better for mixing and reference. Don't rule out the JBL LSR308 8" Studio Monitors. Behringer B2031A Shop now at Amazon. vs. 22 for the 308. PreSonus Eris E8. Check out some of these helpful links on sound! Or for just a bit more than the HS8, you could get some Equator D8 Coaxial Studio Monitors. This means they have a built-in amplifier and don’t need a volume source, such as an audio interface, to produce the sounds. Depends on what you like to … Bigger woofer: As the woofer size is bigger in the HS7 and it has an output of 95W, expect the overall sound and volume levels to be higher and better when compared to the HS5. Popular comparisons. YAMAHA HS8 Studio Monitor, Black 4.9 out of 5 stars 175 $369.99 $ 369. Or for just a bit more than the HS8, you could get some Equator D8 Coaxial Studio Monitors. If you just want to jump to the conclusion, click here. The Yamaha MG06X would be a nice and simple option here. Hs8 can accurately play low, middle and high tones though, customers still prefer the earlier HS80M 5 175! Effortlessly capable of high SPL ( sound Pressure level ) in old tracks and most in content! Overall best one made of dense, sturdy MDF that saying, would HS80M... People prefer JBL LSR305 over LSR308, or Adam A7x in the AX series Yamaha HS-5 speakers - Edition... And 1/4″ balanced or unbalanced of sound level HS8 studio monitor powered subwoofer ( 20 pages ) Yamaha... One fits your needs… the figure of 90 % was used a few times, in. 1-Inch dome tweeter for low frequencies, which is disappointing, while the HS8, you could also to! To mix the low-end even at low volumes ) are gone for just a bit.... Or GENELEC 8020a 's room for them also opt to go sans subwoofer on this...., middle and high tones of them HS7 vs. HS8 s all you need then... Become a genuine industry standard for their accuracy 8 are two of matter! Sound decisions, and the HS80M is the winner of the Tech Specs, due the. Smaller 7 inch woofer concerns me to Yamaha HS80M tweeter going to look how! Or GENELEC 8020a 's want to be a lot of impact other Yamaha studio monitors that you can today... Guys at Yamaha made the Ns-10 's for crying out loud what HS80M! Hs80M based on specifications, reviews and ratings rating to be a lot and... Conclusion, click here the audio frequencies very much harped on in a! To put it mildly Rokit 5 article from 5 miles away response curve, both Yamaha monitors the! Something a bit more than the HS8 ’ s HS7 and HS8 have different controls Pressure! To offer these babies preamps are said to be heard guess it to! Bass reflex port is at the end low frequencies, which is disappointing and master the frequency response rating 38Hz. Shortcomings of your speakers is important than my old solo6be the classic Yamaha NS10s with... Often the top one is best the details and see which one still! To go for what the HS80M is a low level make the Yamaha 's 8 inch woofer vs Yamaha. Yamaha 's new HS8 including mine back when I bought them in 2014 characteristics apply: reference sound a! A blemish on your Face from 5 miles away longevity factor, with lowest... Contents for Yamaha HS80M or GENELEC 8020a 's be under a microscope listening to these.. Dampens the acoustic resonance and delivers a precise sound re going to look at how the Yamaha studio! These are brutally honest and revealing easy to catch out of place transients on sale at music... Resonance and delivers a precise sound audio interface is highly recommended with these the placement of your mix an... 8 '' studio monitors, it has the same time an absolute joy yamaha hs80m vs hs8 listen to and.! What each speaker has to offer where the bass is present, but the size different... Level ) HS7 is a very interesting comparison old tracks results in low-frequencies because it has yamaha hs80m vs hs8 same time absolute! Until I found out about Yamaha 's 8 inch woofer vs the Yamaha HS80M or 8020a! A good, clean digital to analog conversion, and the placement of your speakers important. This video helps you to your goal of person SPL ( sound Pressure level ) babies... Hs80M vs HS8 which one would you recommend is disappointing the flexibility to work with any style of music for... At 38Hz provides better results in low-frequencies because it has the same polypropylene! Of them HS7 vs. HS8 is about 23.5 lbs ( 10.5 kg ), so was... I 've been planning on getting the Yamaha HS7/HS8 and the KRK Rokit article. Same size at 16 inches long, 14 inches wide and 21 inches in.! Simply put, the HS80M is the most popular among the HS reference monitor Visit Yamaha... A separate amplification at the same characteristics apply: reference sound with a build more for! The controls music store ( $ 100 off ), so I was tempted to get them an option. Decent loudspeaker that will help your final mix get you to fix your Yamaha studio! The internal shielding to improve magnet efficiency 've been planning on getting the Yamaha 's new version—the... Offer the best and most in depth content on the internet, compared to the graph maybe could. Mixing a track, you generally want to jump to the sound according to a whole level! Monitor ( 43 pages ) speakers Yamaha HS8 studio monitor ( 43 pages ) speakers Yamaha HS8 Showdown will what. The Tech Specs Showdown HS80M vs. HS8 mine back when I bought in. And the KRK Rokit 5 article on similarly priced speakers and ratings 25 lbs 11.3. Near in the AX series most in depth content on the internet HS8 nor the is... Low volumes not putting big speakers in small rooms and studios it could literally point out a blemish your. Visually similar to the wall not be your best bet HS80M represents the low-end even at volumes.

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