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Essentially there are three areas of concern. According to Dr. Jay Kelly, Associate Professor in Biology at Raritan Valley Community College, protected beaches allow for greatly reduced erosion and/or increased sediment deposition compared to … Any construction or maintenance changes to the beach area require a CAFRA permit. Visitors to the park this year will be able to enjoy the season’s plantings, which are next to a main parking area, as well as the main walkway to the park’s most popular bathing beach. (Sand Dunes information and resources bibliography). Last Updated: Plants are clothed in lovely anise scented leaves. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is charged with the overall responsibility for setting dune maintenance standards. It is the nature of sand to shift in reaction to its environment. Summer 2020 events cancelled due to Covid pandemic. A to Z | Departments/Agencies | FAQs, Copyright © State of New Leaves are long and narrow. Because of this stabilization, there are fewer collisions between sand granules so dunes that are anchored in this manner protect the homes and developments of the New Jersey Shore they front. Our association is one of the most highly respected organizations in New Jersey and along the East Coas t . Updated weekly during the growing season. Beaches are generally defined as stretches of sand or smaller loose particles (such as pebbles, shells, or gravel) that exist between the water and the land. After Sandy, Not All Sand Dunes Are Created Equal In New Jersey, thousands of discarded Christmas trees have dodged the wood chipper and hit the beach instead. Beach grass is one of the most important plants on a sand dune. When beachgrass is established with structural resources and other dune species, a formidable well anchored storm barrier is established. Physicists have formulae for the behavior of solids, liquids, and gases but do not have an adequate scientific description of granular motion. We also know that dunes can be influenced and in some cases created by dune fences and regular plantings sponsored by local town governments. Fortunately for New Jersey this county is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the beaches of the New Jersey Shore for all to enjoy. Statement & Disclaimers, Accessibility “The blades of the grass catch sand during high wind events such as nor’easters, and help to grow the dune, adding even more protection. Attend a wild edibles program or take a walk with expert forager Debbie Naha. Volunteers are also asked to bring a pole or shovel. Nearly 10 miles long, Island Beach State Park preserves one of the last stretches of undeveloped Atlantic barrier island ecosystem in the region. Bob Considine (609) 292-2994, ANNUAL PLANTING OF DUNE GRASS IS SCHEDULED SATURDAY, MARCH 25 AT ISLAND BEACH STATE PARK IN OCEAN COUNTYVOLUNTEER EFFORT HELPS BUILD, PROTECT CRITICAL DUNE SYSTEM. March 20, 2017,,,, Contact Home | Archives New Jersey Wildflowers and Plants Green, Brown, Orange Wildflowers New Jersey Mushrooms, Lichens, Fungi New Jersey Pine Barrens Wildflowers NJ Pink, Red Wildflowers New Jersey Violet, Blue, Purple Wildflowers New The list was put together as part of a report from a Torrey Torrey Botanical Trip to Island Beach State Park in September of 1997 … Dune plants are just as effective and need little or no maintenance. “Not only do these plants help strengthen the critical dune system, they beautify the beach and bring together volunteers for a good cause.”, “Dune grasses are vital to protecting the island because they hold the dunes together with their web-like root systems,” added Jen Clayton, park manager at Island Beach State Park. Department: NJDEP Consider the effect on a sand dune of a change in temperature, moisture or wind velocity. Steinbeiser’s Farm and Native Plant Nursery Frenchtown, NJ 08825 The plants listed below, as well as those listed above for Exposed Areas of a Coastal Dune, are appropriate for these more sheltered dune environments in Massachusetts. Materials: The foliage of most sand dune Coastal & Shoreline: Atlantic Coast The Atlantic Coast of the United States comprises the coastal states of Delaware, Florida, Maine, North Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Virginia, and Puerto Rico. Online Their document on building and maintaining sand dunes can be viewed at: (Must have Adobe Reader to view). DEP, Privacy This long list of plants includes the latin names and common names, where applicable. The spike-like seed head is about 10 inches long and appears in late July or August. March 20, 2017, Contact: Caryn Shinske (609) 984-1795 Community Corner Volunteers Needed For Dune Grass Planting At Island Beach State Park On Saturday Come and help plant 30,000 American Beachgrass plants to fortify the park's dune system. Jersey, 1996-2019 The County of Monmouth contains some of the most traveled beaches on the New Jersey Shore. Check out the best of the best. In contrast, dune plants thrive on wind- blown sand Lawrence Hajna (609) 984-1795 Volunteers from AmeriCorps New Jersey, Friends of Island Beach State Park and the Barnegat Bay Partnership are scheduled to meet at 9:30 a.m. at Ocean Bathing Area 1 for the planting of 30,000 American Beachgrass plants. Dune Grass At The New Jersey Shore There are a number of varieties of dune grasses capable of both long-term growth and stabilization of dunes along the New Jersey Shore. 1. It includes names, plant symbols, checklists Granular behavior doesn’t fit neatly into a single physical theory. Grasses, Perennials, and Vines Black Grass ( Juncus gerardii ) … The roots of these plants, such as American beachgrass ( Ammophila breviligulata) , beach pea ( Lathyrus japonicus ), and seaside goldenrod ( Solidago sempervirens ), also act like glue and hold the dune … Most plants have a low tolerance for burial over their stems and roots. Taller evergreen trees that grow in New Jersey's shore areas include pitch pine (Pinus rigida), which grows in USDA zones 4 through 7 in dune woodland, and red cedar (Juniperus virginiana), which grows in USDA zones 2 through 9 in shrub thickets and dune … The movement of air around those grains causes a volume of sand to be transported to a new location and to come in contact with many new granules. There are apparently three types of dune structures. The project could help the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with future As beachgrass grows, the roots, called rhizomes, form a weave within the sand, which then forms the core of the dune’s stability. Volunteers can register for the event online at: or sign up when they arrive at the park. How about a cooking demo where participants forage the ingredients then help to prepare a wild dish! With seed collection in New Jersey, Virginia and New York, we are proud to be able to propagate plants that are genetically adapted to local conditions. Sand dune formation often starts with a native beach plant - it traps sand blowing in the wind, forming small mounds or hummocks of sand. At any point in time a granule of sand may be in contact with as many as twelve other grains of sand. Dune habitats provide niches for highly specialized plants and animals, including numerous rare species and some endangered species. Thank you for your interest of the New Jersey Beach Buggy Association. The annual spring event, which is to conclude at 12 noon, has become an important part of building and protecting the park’s natural dune system. Cape May, New Jersey William Skaradek, USDA NRCS Uses Dune Restoration: Seaside goldenrod is a beneficial native perennial that may be used to add biodiversity to dune restoration projects. Statewide: NJ Home | Services Dune plants tolerate the highest levels of salt spray and even an occasional overwash by sea water. Dune Restoration, South Seaside Park, New Jersey Project Details Location: South Seaside Park, NJ Population: 1,579 Strategies: Restoring Coastal Features, Beaches and Dunes Cost: minimal maintenance costs for signage For more about Island Beach State Park, visit:, For more information about the Barnegat Bay Partnership, visit:, To like the New Jersey State Parks, Forests and Historic Sites Facebook page, visit:, News Releases: DEP News When pedestrian traffic is heavy, try rope fences as a lower-cost and lower Trout Lily (Erythronium americanum) in Bloom Welcome! VEGETATION A. New Jersey has spent well over one billion dollars, more than any other state in the country, on beach replenishment. At the same time new sand dunes are created from natural forces of wind and rain. The plants are especially important as the park’s dune system continues to build, with help from dune fencing, after major beach loss caused by Superstorm Sandy in October 2012. Due to widespread human population expansion, dunes face destruction through land The park has been concentrating on fortifying vulnerable areas around the numerous paths to the beach, to keep public access open without compromising dune stability.”. FOR Beachgoers are used to seeing dune grass growing on the beaches of Bay Head. Any construction or maintenance changes to the beach area require a CAFRA permit. Registrants will be assigned a specific part of the park. Notice, Legal Go on a hike, or learn the wild edible plants in your own backyard! IMMEDIATE RELEASE Additionally, blades of dune grass trap even more sand as wind blows, allowing the dune to grow naturally. American Beachgrass is leafy, grown in bunches, and reaches heights of two to three feet. New Jersey's Wholsale Perennial Grower. The first is to protect both the coastline and the development along it by stabilizing the existing dune structures. This is done with dune fences and dune grass plantings. The NJBBA is an organization incorporated under Title 15 of the Revised Statutes of New Jersey in 1954. The plants are especially important as the park’s dune system continues to build, with help from dune fencing, after major beach loss caused by Superstorm Sandy in October 2012. (17/P21) TRENTON – In cooperation with several volunteer groups, the State Park Service will host the annual dune grass planting event at Island Beach State Park this Saturday, March 25. © Stem densities and species richness of native plants were significantly lower within areas invaded by C. kobomugi than in surrounding areas. Beaches and Dunes Beaches and dunes occur in a variety of shapes, sizes, compositions, and coastal settings throughout the United States. Home | About A line type structure is caused by winds that change seasonally and a star type structure is caused by constantly changing winds. “The annual program to plant protective American Beachgrass plants at Island Beach State Park serves several important purposes,” said Mark Texel, Director of the DEP’s Division of Parks and Forestry. As more and more people become permanent residents of the Jersey Shore, the protection of sand dunes and the need to foster their development as a stabilizing feature of the coastline could never be clearer. In summer, lavender to purple flower spikes draw a crowd of bees, butterflies and other pollinators. We know, for example, that as sand moves inland, it begins to nurture root grasses that stabilize its movement. All Rights Reserved. Dune Plants: A Study in Adaptation - Little Silver-Oceanport, NJ - The native plants that grow closest to the ocean along the Jersey Shore have evolved to thrive in tough conditions – luckily for us Sand dunes play an important role in the stabilization of the coastline of the New Jersey Shore. The sand dune system is an ever changing, growing, moving and disappearing structure. Wrack also helps build sand dunes by catching sand and seeds and then providing nutrients and moisture to the plants… More than 1 million people visit the park annually. Once on the ground, the grass blades help protect the sand from the breeze, so the sand grains tend to stay where they land and start to pile up, forming a dune. It's most common in New Jersey's sand dune and beach heather plant communities. Saturday’s event will be held rain or shine. Foraging walks, slideshow talks, cooking workshops with foraged wild edibles. other plants on a dune act as collectors for blowing sand. In spite of all this uncertainty, there are a few things we do know. However, sand fences can be useful in managing pedestrian and vehicular damage. Plants thrive in sunny well dr… In summer, lavender to purple flower spikes draw a crowd of bees, butterflies and other pollinators. by Topic | Programs/Units | DEP The forces of nature have long been a subject of study due to the potential impact on human life and health. Today we are going to discuss Trout Lily (Erythronium americanum). In beach and dune systems, the pioneer plants that grow at the wrack line (the line of seaweed and debris deposited by waves and tides) trap windblown sand and allow the dune to build. Pricing listed is In desert areas of the world, such as western and northern China, sand is moving to overcome towns at the alarming rate of twenty meters per year.*1. The wind tunnel tests various dune plant species to determine how they hold up and join together to protect New Jersey's beaches and properties. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is charged with the overall responsibility for setting dune maintenance standards. In this study, we assessed the role of disturbance in mediating the invasion of Asiatic sand sedge, Carex kobomugi Ohwi (Cyperaceae), in New Jersey's coastal dune ecosystems. of New Jersey. The American Beach Grass is well suited to the late summer and fall as is a ‘cool season’ dune grass that flourishes along the north and mid-Atlantic coast. A curved shape dune results from constant winds in a single prevailing direction. There is no other system that responds to aerodynamics and fluid dynamics quite like shifting sand. ON THREATENED & ENDANGERED PLANTS The "New Jersey Endangered and Threatened Plant Protection Act," was re-introduced in 2020 as NJ Bill # A985, (2019 as NJ BILL 5201). As beachgrass grows, the roots, called Cicconi Farms Growers of Quality Wholsale Perennials, offers many sizes for 1 Quart to 5 gallon. DEP | Index These plants not only beautify the landscape, but they also reduce sand erosion. Statement. It spreads quickly by its It spreads quickly by its specialized roots, called rhizomes that can grow down and sideways through the sand. Trout Lily is a member of the Lily family of plants. Plants Database - The PLANTS Database provides standardized information about the vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts, and lichens of the U.S. and its territories. And, the planting of dune grass is a fun and easy activity for families.

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