flyff legacy mercenary skill build

Bow Jester – Known as the Critical Kings and Queens of Flyff, Bow Jesters are basically Jesters that only depend on two Skills. Flyff Legacy Global. Depending on you build (30-70 stamina) you won’t die a lot. At level 90 you will be with RM’s with a skill called GT. Sta: 30 (For Ghunting) Dex: 33 (Speed Break With Max Cannon) Int:15 . When you create a character, you won't receive infinite SP (skill points), you receive SP upon leveling up and job changing.Level 1 characters start out with 0 SP. Flyff Legacy - MERCENARY Fast Leveling Guide Flyff Legacy is a Full 3D MMORPG released this 2017 by Gala Lab and Entermate. Flyff Acrobat Build and Leveling Guide. I aplogize for the annoying sound in the background. Hello, I was looking for a solo aoe knight stat build. I've yet to meet any assist that could be my training partner so I've decided to go solo. Str: xxx. ~ I learn also that pure sta is also good for those who want to be Billposter cause in the later levels you could use a good skill to match all enemies. RHISIS SERVER: Purchase at least 10,000 worth of Cash in FlyFF Shop to get the Free Items and to be qualified in the Raffle. I guarantee this guide will help you. Immerse yourself into the world of Flyff by going on quests or by riding a mount or a broomstick! When training your Mercenary to become a Knight it's common to put most of your Stat Points into STR or Strength into your Build. This guide is built solely to help people, not to build competition between the two subclasses. Any tips would help like what stat to build up first from level 15-60 and so on. On death it is transferred over to the Legacy Points total of the town. Adding int as a BP is only used if you are an AoE BP using the lvl 70 skill, don't remember the name, but that attack is based on int for dmg, if i rememeber correctly, but then again being an AoE BP is a whole new Stat build. in Flyff. So maybe you can do max swords skill and use this till 65 and after it use also your re-skill and only take axe buffs and all buffs of knight with the AoE skill. With this build I was able to hit 12k damage at level 8x on pinkies. The new Templar skills will make it easier to tank vast amounts of masquerpets. can someone help me or show me a guide A Really Good Build For A 1v1 Blade Is The Cookie Cutter. Alike Mercenary, it gets boring. 48K likes. LEVEL 18. Because of his tremendous HP and Defense, he can take up loads of mobs and won't die with proper gear. I am making a new mercenary in a game called Flyff and I need to know how I should build it. Get these FREE ITEMS now! Players start by selecting one of three gender-locked character classes: Mercenary (M), Acrobat (F), or Magician (F). =/ Go to the official FlyFF … There are lots of skills available but never enough SP, so you cannot max all skills, at least not until you level up to a very high level.Therefore, be careful in which skills you put points in. 3 years ago. Build 2 is known as the 'Crucio' build, and is used by mages that level using the 'Crucio' build from level 60-80. Roikans!~ Give your best shot and try your luck as you might be one of the Lucky Bonanza winners. These Legacy Points can be spent at the Legacy shop for special cosmetics usable by all heroes. 3. because im pretty weak doing 130 dmg at lvl 20 compared to others that hit 200 and over easily... i have 20 str 20 sta and uh the rest are in dex. Build 3 is known as the 'Full Int' build, and is when a full hit-and-run strategy is used to AOE, or Satanology is used to root the enemy down and attack them with a torrent of spells. The game is a mobile version of Flyff Online in 2005. So basically just lvl up buff skills up until you are a BP in which you can basically lvl whatever skill you want to. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Buat Anda pecinta game dengan genre MMORPG klasik di PC, Anda mungkin sudah familier dengan Flyff.Game yang merupakan singkatan dari Fly For Fun ini menyuguhkan dunia fantasi grafis 3D bergaya anime dan memungkinkan merasakan melayang ke angkasa menggunakan sapu terbang.. Kepopulerannya diwariskan ke platform mobile dengan judul baru yaitu FlyFF Legacy rilisan … 3. I hope this helped a bit ^^ Fastwalker: That skill rise, a lot, your move speed, and that allow you go to the monsters faster and shop in the cities faster too . Mercenary -> Knight. That skill shots 4 times and mastered have 70% chance of hit, it is a powerful skill that you will spam a lot from lvl 15 to 60. As for skills, Max Junk Arrow, Dark Illusion and Perfect Block in the first job. I haven't spent any points yet and its level 10 (I know, but I need a good build idea for when I get merc) hi i need to know how to put my stats in starting from lvl 15 up to lvl 60. and which skills do i put? Knights are mainly known to tank. They can use 2 axes or 2 sword or 1 axe and 1 sword (this is not reccomanded, because you will lose some bonus I will explain later). At level 130 the Knight can progress to the 3rd job change - Templar. In the second job, as a Jester, you'll want to max Criticle Swing, Hit of Penya and... something else; I don't know. In this second video we cover how attributes works and what gear you should hold on to. The Mercenary is the warrior of flyff, using swords, axes and shields. you should go full str. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. LEVEL 20. Pretty cheap because armor isn’t that much and the only expensive thing is a Gbow. Mercenary Skill Tree build please help - 01-06-2008, 04:29 PM I'm a mercenary, so far I cant find any skill tree build so I need help with Skill Tree Build. Ranger – Uses bow like they were meant to be used. Theres anything to farm Penyas for new players? Slash: No Preference 15 None : Selected Target only Strikes the enemy two times, in rapid succession. A well-geared Hero Knight can get up to 60k HP without a Pet. While the mercenary is alive, Prestige is the value that decides their current Class Level according to the table below. The 80 DEX build is for those who want to spam Junk Arrow more easily. Experience Flyff at your fingertips by playing Flyff Legacy, a game based on the old Flyff MMORPG. Thank you Maxed Perfect Block gives you +20% block rate which can really help you. Excluding events of course (Talking mostly when i reach max LvL). Explore the magical world of Madrigal on foot or in the air in Flyff Legacy, a free-to-play mobile MMORPG that strives to bring Flyff to the iOS and Android platforms. Once you get to a nice lvl 100s if your not going to cw or are confident in your hp and skill. Stats of the Mercenary STR - 4~5 Att each 1 STR (using Sword) 5~6 Att each 1 STR (using Axe). Alike Mercenary, it gets Flyff penya. He is also known to get the best armor in game in terms of defense and also gets the most HP and defense out of stamina. Flyff stands for "Fly For Fun". Mercenary Skills: Skill: Weapon: Level: Pre-Skill: Type: Region of Effect: Description: Protection: Shields: 15 None : Self Increases Defense for a duration. Description. ... You get some pretty nice Flyff penya. Tanking is a word used for characters that have massive amounts of HP or Health Points and can handle hardcore attacks being dealt on them by high level monsters. #15 Best Blade Build Up in FlyFF What is a Blade? Keenwheel: No … DEX - 1 Crit each 10 DEX (check out DexBreaks for more info on stats from DEX such as Attspeed, Block, Hit and more). You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. I'm currently level 15 but I want to know what skill … The blade is the natural evolution of the melee mercenary. Duration: 5s Your Spell Damage in PvE has been increased between 0% … Choose from three gender-locked classes, and tap into a variety of skills and abilities. The mercenary is a great close combat character with high defence and attack. Hello players , welcome to our website ! If walkthrough is usable don't forgot thumbs up kalusha and share this with your freinds. It's more likely a mercenary build. This walkthrough for FlyFF [PC] has been posted at 17 Apr 2010 by kalusha and is called "Build Guide". ... Now that you are level 45 you get a pretty amazing skill Perfect Block Max It. Wrath: Spell Flux: Guardian: Your Critical Damage in PvE has been increased by 20% for a short duration. Bps(this is a bit tricky despite any build you choose they can 1 shot you most of the time, However as stated by lethal,mike monster cluster will have a max damage of 50k damage asal/hop/auto attack ext. ... Hey, i started playing FlyFF like 22 days ago, now im lvl 93. As a mercenary i've used axes because i always had an healer with me and i could plvl myself so i only took the axe buffs but i do still have my re-skill (soul-linked). This will give you the speed bonus (as well as bonus strength) that you need allowing you to get the 90 set and maintain 100% attack speed. You’ll be using this skill least since it doesn’t have to do much with the overall playstyle of Mercenary in Risk of Rain 2. Flyff Legacy Overview. The most common build for this class is high stamina which makes it the ideal tank / meat shield. Once you get a second job, Mages Become Elementors/Psykeepers Acrobats Become Rangers/Yoyo Jesters Mercenarya Become Knights/Blades The Secondary Job quests hit when you reach level 500. Like how much points it should have in str, stam, int etc. ^_^ Rogue’s Promise.-RaytheRogue- Level 7x – Lawolf. His special ability is being able to use two weapons toghether instead of one. Table of Contents: •Introduction •Basics •Usable Stats / Cards / Crafts / Runes / Rarities / Awakes / Pets / Prems •Equipment •Builds and Swaps [Intro] The Skill Slayer , a custom branch build of Slayers made by yours truly its a high dps / low range / burst attack skill … 5 comments. Flyff is now available in the palm of your hands, with a new MMORPG tailored for mobile devices. In Flyff Legacy there are currently 3 available classes to choose from when starting your character: Acrobat, Mage, and Mercenary.

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