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MyMemory is the world's largest Translation Memory. I dont think so please check this vakkaya is known as Carissa carandas/Carissa congesta. Thanks for visiting Heerekaya is Beerakaaya in Telugu and Ridge Gourd in English, WAt do u call gannerupappu in english??? Wonderful service, I will update this info in website. i want to know wat is chemagadda or chemadumpa in english.. can v make any snack item with that? brussel sprouts Get Discount on Indian Vegetables, Vegetables with Free Home Delivery from Green Leaf Stores in Miyapur, hyderabad, Telangana, India. Can you translate all vegetables in tamil, can any one tell me the English name of Gummadikaya, what is the name of Kale vegetable kannada language. hi, what do you call sapota pandu (telugu) in english? Mina Pappu\Urad Dal\Blackgram ambatimaadu Old literature lo ara sunna tho paatu maro aksharam use chese vaaru. Bendakaya is called as ladies finger!! arugula Thossaikai actually is DOSAKKAYA in TELUGU and not ‘Telengu’ Yellow variety of Dosakkaya is also called Nakka Dosakkaya. Brocolli is not a part of traditional vegetables in India. Usage Frequency: 1 Both are bendakaaya only, Pingback: Rick Stein talks about his love of Indian cooking – | Corner Recipes, please give me name tammakaya telugu name. Usage Frequency: 1 Very great post. Any body can say what is the English name of “Kanagambaram” ? Brought to you by the SoFAB Institute.SoFAB Institute. Pendalam is Tapioca in english.Its almost similar to yam but white color. Where did you find it? Erra kandi pappu is Masoor ki daal, very popular and preferred daal in the northern reaches of and Pakistan; technically it is the same as arhar ki daal- Cajanus cajan-family except for color; urgent, For Complete Agriculture Information in India :, Please translate from telugu word tellagaljeru leafy vegetable in english, For Oats Cultivation Guide:, There is no name for cranberry in telugu but some people call it as Vaakkaya. Recently i have attended one social function of our comunity.They served Parvalas a vegetable.I inquired from where they purchased because i have not seen parval in manny stores of LA. Human translations with examples: gadda, uttam chama, is in no way be, mujhe chama karna. Or Gentlemen’s toes. keep Smiling. It is from spices family if I am not wrong. Patode or Aluw wadi or aluchi paatal bhaji recipe . Karivepaku is called Curry Leaves, Many of the vegetables & pulses names -you can get them on, ne yankamma minapappu ni english lo translate cheyyala ??? also, Dosakaya is a variety of Cucumber indigenous to south India, it is best described as a ’round yellow cucumber’, or as ‘Indian Apple Cucumber” since there is a western “Apple cucumber” originating from China which is a bit like dosakaya. chirrikoora or send to this mail ID :, Nice site.what we call ‘kottimeera’in english, Coriander Leaves. thnaks for the details sent to me. Get definition, translation and meaning of गद्दा in English. Delicious. Taro Cakes . galijaeru, It is called horse purslane or giant pigweed, Very interesting site. Thanks for sharing with us your knowledge about the proper indian name for common vegetables. what is watercress called in telugu? We're social follow us at tammakaya-sword bean what is the name of saw palmetto in telugu ???? They are sword beans if you need english word. Taro root I believe is another name for Chamagadda. Check out my glossary of indian spices in my home page under blogroll if u are familiar Switch off the flame and take the curry into a … chikkaku Recently farmers in some areas started cultivation of this. Quality: Namaste. chamadumpa in english, I want the meaning of changadda please find it for me. The English name of chama dumpa is Colacasia.Thankyou for dropping by. chintakaya-tamarind Contextual translation of "chama gadda" into English. Cabbage – Cabbage To sum up, if you know where to look, you can get almost everything you find at home available in India. So we don’t have name for it. Can please translate the word minapappu in english waiting for ur reply bye. Beetroot in Tamil is called akkaarakkizhangu. wat do we cal ‘dondakaya’ in english? batanilu It can be used as direct like salad, or in Juice, Hello Asha, please tell me what is ripper gourd called in telugu. plzz…!!!!, known as Karaunda in Hindi Thanks in advance…:), 1. Regards, in medicinal name if i want what i have to ask to purchase. Meaning of gadda. budidha gummadi kaya-ashgourd It is a berry no doubt. this is cooooooollll ……..awesome !!!!!!! What we call carrot in Telugu? thanks!!!!! 6. just used your recipe to make snake gourd and came out good! Madhuri, It is called Ash Gourd as well as Winter Melon. Pingback: Leafy Vegetable Names & links to seeds - IndusLadies, tell me similar name tamaTAR maTAR witch third name in vagitable. oil 1 tsp.mustard seeds 1 tsp. Apricot is having no definite telugu word but is called as khbbani in most of areas. I’ve been told that Thossaikai (Telengu) is a much loved vegetable for chutneys. Hi Madhoori, First I would like to appreciate you for your work and the amount of effort you have put into this to give good information. We use cookies to enhance your experience. reply fast please.. very helpful information,thanks for providing all this useful information. But in one of your answers/reply you told that “In Telugu Tomato is called “Tamota” just difference in calling it” when you were asked about the name for tomato in Telugu to someone down the line that. Buy Onion / Vullipaya (1Kg) Online at Best Prices. Hi, turmeric powder 2 pinches of asafoetida powder Salt to taste Chili powder to taste Juice from 1 lime / lemon Method: But there are lot many beans in nature that can help our health , Round Beans are normal beans that we see in local vegetable market of Andhra Pradesh hi i want different kinds of beans with its pictures? Can’t stop appreciating / thanking you for doing something different. Regards Chandrasekhar, Pingback: Indian Vegetarian Recipes – Site Title, So helpful thanks a lot☺Can you show a pic of pointed gourd, Please mention the english equalant word to vakkaya, I see you don’t monetize your blog, don’t waste your traffic, you can earn extra bucks every 2. menti kura —> fenugreek leaves Above is English meaning of गद्दा. The look is little different from Cranberry and Vakaya however the difference is only due to the geographical difference and the climatci conditions. I am trying to learn English my self. “pendalam” what is the English name for it. Quality: Hi my mother tongue is telgu yet im weak in telgu because im born and brought up in tamilnadu this information is really nice, hi waiting for ur reply, If it is guumadikaaya then it is pumpkin (this is rarely used for dishti), if it is boodida gummadikaaya then it is ash gourd (generally in hindu culture people use this for dishti), Boodi Gummadikaaya is very healthy food, and it can beneficial in many deceases. can you tell me what we will call arbi in english, Hi, Thossaikai (Telengu)… the spellings of both are wrong. What is capsicum and double-beans called in telegu ? 8. I was recommended this blog via my cousin. carrot patti in malyalam…. fuck people _|_, What is there in a name? Could you please find out the name of watercress in telugu or in hidni? neti beerakaya- silk squash Please help me know their Telugu names. From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. Chama dumpa or Chamagadda pulusu is a spicy stew spiced up with chillies and seasoning, sweetened by jaggery and caramelized onions, sourness of tamarind and tomatoes, while the sambar powder enhances its flavor. Also, some people call it as Carissa congesta or Christ’s Thorn. Achampet is located near Srisailam. Usage Frequency: 1 We call minapappu in English is ur website is very useful 2 many of us…… hope u update more information in this regularly kosu kura-cabage Vennu Mallesh (born 1984) – Singer on the internet. Now I’d like to cook them, but since I don’t know what they are, I can’t find a recipe! By the way its a good site!!! Hope this is useful for all of us. seema chintakaya-madras torn what is the equivalent name in telugu for ‘mustard greens’? Usage Frequency: 1 But today we treat them as dialects. when i read these they are so best. The translation for ‘Minapappu’ to English is ‘Black gram’. The recipes here, were collected by me. Can you please tell me the kannada name for tindoora? split chick peas / chana dal 1 tsp. vegetable names in english and telugu with pictures What is chukakura called in English?? Pesarapappu —- Green grams. 3. The chamadumpa is a tropical plant that grows for its corms , the root vegetables most commonly known as taro . Almonds are called badam pappulu/palukulu, Apricots are khubbani (though it is not telugu word, most of people habituate to use this word.). great site! wish to know the english names and telugu names for various groceries. please reply this many thanks in advance. The vegetables vary depending on the season and local produce available. kandi pappu\Toor dal\yellowgram/yellow lentils The name was later changed to Chama Gadda and then Achampet. I think Cranberries and Carissa carandas are from same faily of herbs/shrubs. Pls check the above list for some of the names. I have already posted in my early comments. Do you still have Sour Sorrel seeds? i would like to know what is the correct name of a vegetable that grows on a vine here in South Africa. and i have a Question. In some areas it is also called senkizhangu,, may i know the english name of plant GALJERU we will call in telugu, may i know the english name of plant GALJERU. Regarding readers posts what I opine is kindly separate them and transfer them to a blog may call it posts . Some readers may not be able to Usage Frequency: 1 what is bruccoli called in telugu? Miriyalu – Black Pepper, Please read complete blog. By Seafood.Master.Chef. 2) Dandelion please tell me what we call boda kakariya in english, Boda Kakarikaya in english is called Spiny Bittergourd, hi madhuri, i want to know wt we call for all leafy vegetables in english that r in telugu like thotakura,gungura etc.. i hope u will replay me and i want to be member of ur site do i have to pay for this?? Can u pls… tell me the meaning of pungakotai (Tamil word) in telugu, Dear Sir whats the malayalam meaning of herb false unicorn, plz tell me english meaning about bellam. But I would like to share some of my knowledge with you that tomato is called as “ramamkaya” in some of the villages/towns in Our State. thanx. Can you please provide me with the hindi / tamil / kannada name for watercress ? Hi, can u pls suggest me the exact meaning of Swiss chard….a leafy vegetable name in telugu, can i know what do we call “pulusu” in english, Can you say perfect English word for lingapotla kaya we call it as chara dosakaya it is not proton, Tell me the english names of Chikkudukaya and Goru Chikkudukaya. bok choy Chukka Kura is called Sour Sorrel in English in case you’re still looking for. hi, what we say pendalam in english? hai…………… Enjoy, Hi, These are Hindi names not in english actually………. Can any tell me what is the vegetable know as Dibba any indian languages, Beerakayani angular gourd ani luda antaru kada, Pingback: Vegetable Recipes | We Get Healthy, THANK U FOR VALUABLE INFORMATION U HAVE SENT, Pingback: Vegetarian Recipes In Tamil Language | Kuplux's, English name for i want to know what is ponnaganti kura in english, hi, i want to know what chipuru in english. hi what do you call mulakaya (telugu) in inglish? I have no idea whether u make snack item with chema dumpa.Do let me know if you know one. Thanks in advance. but luckly i got it in this website. !& a useful one to people like me , Its a type of Onion with shoots. Fry for a while and add the chopped Arbi/arvi pieces and salt. Prasad, i want to know what is the telugu term used to parsnip. In english it is called as Bitter Gourd. It is called gangavayalu koora in telugu. It can be used to make dal and lot of other things. Some people says Carissa carandas as karwande. Manaki mandalikaalu chaala unnayi. You can eat Cranberries but it is difficult to eat Carissa carandas as a raw fruit. Green gram dal. Please refer to for more details. dantaku HI, I want to know what we call “LETTUCE” in telugu. can u tell me what is watercress called as in telugu. tndoora in kannada , i think it is thonde kai,it will be like very small thin cucumber like PLEASE SEND EMAIL TO VRMRAO1966@GMAIL.COM When peeled it is green to white in color. Thanks a lot for the people who answered and answering for queries. Yellow dosakaya is called cucumber.You get this type in Indian stores In USA.Hope that helps. What is arbi (punjabi veg) called in English, No Doubt its great website with great info. 2 cups cooked, peeled and roughly chopped taro root / chama gadda 1 tbsp. I have learned many vegetables’ names and it is easy for me to get the seeds and explain to our people the names of different vegetables. I think the dal u are mentioning is palak made with moong dal(pesarapappu)the same one I tasted in Bhimas(blore)u can check out for the recipe in dals in my website but u can use moong dal instead of toor dal if u want the same taste as the restaurant one. In any case I will be subscribing in your feed and I hope you i mean start some event for kids which is helpfull for every one…. i need wt u will call lettuce(it will be like cabbage) in telugu, ur collection is good now iam in singapore 3 months back i got married my husband works in singapore i came here along with him here ur collection is helping me o lt here in vegetable store tx madhuri, i want to know english spelling of parwal(sabji). hi, Having a look ahead to look you. Human translations with examples: meku, boil, chama, sulli, lipoma, shovel, migraine, sorakaya, colocasia. can i plz know how to get ur reciepies,,, i love to cook new dishes, so can u please help me …, madhoo mujhe plz golgappe ka pani banana sikha do aur sath mai golgappe i mean pani puri but plz hindi mai, Anapakaya available in Chittoor, tamilnadu and Karnataka is called Hyacinth bean. kusumalu Colocasia / Taro root / Chama gadda Cucumber / Dosakaya (Both yellow and eating variety) Eggplants / Vankaya Elephant Yam / Kandagadda Green mango / Mamidikaya Ivy gourd / Tindora / Dondakaya Plantain /Aratikaya Yellow pumpkin / Manchi gummadi The below is the list of vegetables typically not used in the menu. They are 2 languages actually. chikkudu kaya-Broad beans It came from South American region and was introduced by Europeans to India as టొమాటో. This is otherway. why u wan’t all algae names!! Most of the metros and IT corridors have mega retail outlets that caters to the needs of expatriates in the country. Watercress leaves Quality: Fresh Beans are called as Pedda Chikkudu hi can you please tell me is there any bean named baqle or baqle ki phali, what d fuck…i hate telugu man!!! hi can u please tell me what do u call thummi kura in english ? Achampet was named a Revenue Division of Nagarkurnool district. We telugus make vaakaya pappu, Vakaya coconut (chutney) pachadi. what’s lettuce n broccoli n red cabbage called in Telugu…can u tell me where can I get these in Hyderabad.. very nice website, collection of vegetable names in both english and telugu makes people understanding easily………. The colour may be that of sandalwood paste or lemony yellow. I get the names of vegetable names in English with your help. Please visit my website as well and tell me what you think. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-05-15 The hidden meaning of Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. Your website is very helpful about our vegetables and its names in Telugu. hai, Collards – Umamaheshwaram. About. Usage Frequency: 1 2 cups cooked, peeled and roughly chopped taro root / chama gadda 1 tbsp. Thanks. if any one knows. pesara pappu\Moong dal \ greengram Hello kandagaddalani English lo Suran/yam ani antaru k na.. Pls check the vegetables list for kandagadda. And also its calorie values and any side effects it has like cold or heat or gastric? When cut into half, the seeds are exposed. plz..answer for dis guyz…. I have truly enjoyed surfing around your weblog posts. Most of the vegetables are already shared by folks here. I Have bought a vegetable which is in pink color & has stems(like raadish) to it….but i have not understood what is is & what & how to cook thank u, thota kura —> amaranthus It is based on region the name is used differently. It is called chayote or chou chou in Tamil.Lots of recipes on the net. Thank you very much for your priceless service. Pesera pappu- mung daal I Have bought a vegetable which is in pink color & has stems(like raadish) to it….but i have not understood what is is & what & how to cook black gram / urad dal 1 stalk of curry leaves 1/8 tsp. Sprouts –. It is called JEELAKARRA in Telugu. and if we cut last word from them then they make any girls name. Broad Beans are called as Chikkudu Kaaya lettuce Veeramachineni Ramakrishan – VRK’’s Solid Diet Plan Solid diet plan — Single/Two meal diet Plan One Meal Diet : Whatever solid food you take ( veg or non-veg) should be consumed ONLY once in a day.. You cannot take 12.30 PM curry, 2 PM Badam/Almonds, 4 PM Pista and 7 PM Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-05-27 Basil Leaves = Tulsi chettu Aakulu thanx, one item boys will see that item ones in a week but girls will see ones in a year which item that pls any one answer me, naku ei plant peru telugu yamataru chapara hello divya, Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2019-12-09 4. Its a great collection yaaaaaaaaaar thanks to all, What is English name of POTOL(Bengali name of Vegitable), what is ‘tindoora’? In rayalaseema cabbage is called as KOSUGADDA. THANKS IN ADVANCE, ALL GUJARATI NAMES OF SHAK.VINAYAKYAJNIK.V. ఇంగ్లీష్ లో చామదుంప ను colacasia. Chama dumpa or Chamagadda pulusu is a spicy stew spiced up with chillies and seasoning, sweetened by jaggery and caramelized onions, sourness of tamarind and tomatoes, while the sambar powder enhances its flavor. What is celery in telugu? Can anyone tell me what is vagkaya (the small oval shaped- green sour vegetable -size about an inch) called in English. You’re incredible! I want to know the english name for ‘akakara kaya’.. i want to know the telugu name for “avocados “.. pls reply me.. thanks for ur info I want to know all vegetable names in English and in english to kannada Hi , I don’t think so. Quality: and i have gone through so many sites but i can’t get more informatoion. I need a specialist in this house to solve my problem. Madhuri, wht do we call beetroot in hindi…?Is beetroot juice reduces blood pressure..when i googled..somewhere its written that it reduces BP..& some sites write that it maintains a balance of father is having low BP is it suitable to give raw betroot juice…..? daniyalu, OIL SEEDS:- Nuvulu Ofcourse we made large quantity (large tray), but this can be done small quantities at home. Prior to that Indian’s don’t know what the fruit is and in Telugu somebody might have given the name రామ ములక్కాయ. Taro Cake . Draws a lot of water if kooked though. 3) Kale Veeramachineni Ramakrishan – VRK’’s Solid Diet Plan Solid diet plan — Single/Two meal diet Plan One Meal Diet : Whatever solid food you take ( veg or non-veg) should be consumed ONLY once in a day.. You cannot take 12.30 PM curry, 2 PM Badam/Almonds, 4 PM Pista and 7 PM Thanks u r helping indirectly so many people. ). Suresh. chamakura is called chuka ambath.chamagadda is called colocasia. so i am sorry a bout this. While we cook it most often as Kanda Koora or Kanda Bachali Koora, my personal favourite is Kanda Vepudu or Crisp Yam Fry. As I said in other post people have misconception on Cranberries and Carissa carandas.,,,,, spices and vegetable names | Find the extotic south indian veg dishes, Leafy Vegetable Names & links to seeds - IndusLadies,, 2010 in review « Indian Vegetarian Recipes, Na» Blog Archive » All vegetables pictures, When the tomatoes are cooked add boiled arvi/arbi/chamagadda pieces. I wonder, what do you call this in english? i want correct word meaning about ((thatikaya)(telugu)) in english.. LADY’S FINGER MEANS BENDAKAYA IS CORRECT OR NOT, Yes.Also called Okra in some english speaking areas. Or can you plz tell me how it looks like? doesnt have any indian name, I think u meant Sago.It is also called Sabudana in Hindi.Try this. Please give me answers in English Name & Scientifc name, Spices Apricot in Telugu: Khubani or Jardaloo. Posted by sarath on July 14, 2016 at 4:31 am. You may also like Chansaur/Chandrasura in hindi Log in. Can please translate the word thotakura in english and hindi waiting for ur reply. gongoora —> sorrel leaves Plz cross check and correct or add details appropriately!! Yahan गद्दा ka matlab English mai (गद्दा मतलब अंग्रेजी में) diya gaya hai. Goes well with rice and rotis. Hello Fareed, This should be of great help to visitors like us. I have already posted. MIx well and fry in a medium flame for 4 to 5 min. వివిధ భారతీయ భాషలలో కూరగాయలు, కాడలు, తదితరముల మొక్కల పేర్లు; Hindi హిందీ English ఇంగ్లీషు Botanical Name శాస్త్రీయ నామము Assamese అస్సామీ Bengali బెంగాలీ Gujarati గుజరాతీ We made this curry for a potluck recently. It is green and bell shaped with ridges and also has spines on it. Bachalikura is called Chinese spinach and Palakura is the regular spinach.No confusion in that.I am sure abt that. wat we call mustard greens in telugu (exactly),not as aavu aakulu ,it should be like gongura,palakura….etc..does they are available in A.P. And one more clarification I want to give you is telungu and andhrakam are not one and same. tammakaya-sword bean 2. if Genesu Gadda is Chilakada Dumpa (Because I use both names based on area where I am) then it is called Sweet potato. I have tried to find this vegetable on the net but no such luck. chama gadda/ chaama dumpa in Telugu,Taro root in English, it is also called as Arbi and can be cooked in many ways. This is kalidasan from chennai. please reply. Plz send me all vegitables names in hindi and also in englinsh on my email id. By Seafood.Master.Chef. What do telangana people call it ? depends on area it is also called as English Telugu Hindi; All Purpose Flour: Maida Pindi: Maida: Almonds: Badam Pappu: Badam: Ambat chukka: Chukka Koora: Chuka: Amarnath Leaves/Chinese Spinach: Thotakoora Haritha's Chema Gadda (Arbi or Taro root) Pulusu Ingredients: Boiled and cubed chema dumpa- 11/2-cup Diced onions -1/2 cup Roasted onion paste-1 Tbsp Roasted coriander powder-1 Tbsp Roasted Methi seed (fenugreek) powder-1/2 tsp Roasted sesame seed powder - 1 Tbsp Cumin powder-1/4 tsp White kidney beans are called as Alasandalu. T: Paala chettu, Kodisa paala, Istari paala, Gadda paala Habit: small tree Anthelmintic : Roasted seed powder (10 -12g) mixed in a cup of tea and the extract administered daily twice for 3 days. Dalit COMMUNITY FOOD SYSTEM DATA TABLE # 73 Food category: Roots, Tubers and Vegetables. I am not sure if u are asking for Komme beeru. Gogu aaku Wat s the English name for the vegetable POTOL? By shwetha. u rock.. can u trnslate the following veg &fruit i (malayalam)n to english. kosu puvvu-cauliflower Mix well and cook for 2 to 3 mins. hai this is mahesh…. Achampet was named a Revenue Division of Nagarkurnool district. Needs to be known by all. I found this in google and good to see. any 1 can tel me d english word of thatipanu or thatikaya, Thatikaya in english……as called…..Toddy fruit, i m sathya i m a malayali i want to know the english name of cheevakizhangu we used to call as like this in malayalam also we use koorkka, i need to transalate to tamil this word kalakanda(telugu). It is very useful site. You do find these in major retail outlets across the country. Get Discount on Indian Vegetables, Vegetables with Free Home Delivery from Green Leaf Stores in Miyapur, hyderabad, Telangana, India. My kids wishes to have table with list of Indian vegetables and fruits with brief information on each, What are the english names for sonti ,gagikaya japatti.dalcina chekka,and karakkaya. hi can you please tell what exactly is the yellow dosakaya with which we can make pickle is called in english. collard green romaine, if any one is well knowledge about these only able to help me ,hope some people know it …thank you, Your collection is good, thanks for providing English and Telugu names, if possible please do upload with pictures also, it will be more useful and attraction.

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